Saturday, December 14, 2013

Live. Learn. Love.

I inspire myself with myself. I am my only true friend and companion. I am both the beginning and end of me. I know that when I am gone , this universe I see and know shall have gone with me, I recklessly throw away each day by inspiring myself. Everyday when I wake up,I look seemingly whole but get broken into pieces as the day progresses by night, I am torn and fragile. I sometimes don't know who I am any more. From this day I shall not tear myself into fragments out of fear or anger or if  I do, I shall re-join the fragments with love until I am whole again. I shall cherish my family and honour my friends and I shall enjoy this world,but above all, I shall love myself deeply. I shall love the spirit of life that flows out of my body, the deep intelligence that created me, pumped  this heart to feel  the gladness pouring out of my being. No girlfriend or boyfriend, lover,husband wife , father, mother, daughter or son , no social network , no news ,no tv channels or blogs can ever know me as much I know myself. They are my links to the world, but they also sometimes hook me with the bright bait of desire that make me a slave to passions that never rose from my heart. This is the primary seed of confusion, the main cause of agony. All these desires are not my desires , these goals that are not my goals and the madness that arises from fear that i will never live up too the world's expectations of me.        

I abandon the expectations of the world. I shall only live to fulfil the passions that pour out  of my own heart , utter words that speak through my own voice and realise that bear the true signatures of my being. Follow your own heart and intuition. Make rules  for yourself and follow them since these are yours. I inspire myself with the rhythm of my  own heart. I shall listen to what it tries to tell me in its soft beats, ask questions and wait till I hear replies in signs ,songs and clues, till i feel gently awakened to the desire that flow in the deep rivers of my body. I shall follow the song of my heart. From this day I shall only do what inspires me motivates me, what makes me feel deeply happy for that is the the only way I shall be true to myself and this world.                                                                                                                                                                                             

I inspire myself with myself , heart with mind ,action with  passion and above all life with love, deep enduring love that is the silent energy of my vital being.