Saturday, October 3, 2015

Are we coded?

Who am I? Why do I even exist? Why am I here? How did I came here? Who created this world? Why only earth? Why this universe even exists? Were the conditions on earth favourable so that life can exist or someone created those favourble conditions so that the life can exist. This is what goes in my mind sometimes and I think in yours too. Do we have an answer to all these questions or it is again agnostic like the existence of god. People have their own views regarding this.

An image developed by a google server 

Recently, the search giant Google's server was found to produce random images out of nowhere and the researchers said that the server was dreaming. Artificial intelliegence(AI) has been prevalent for over the past 15 years on this globe and we experience it in our daily lives. Each and every search we make, the products we use, the services we enjoy are in one or the other way acheived with AI. There are robots following human instructions, learning from the mistakes they do and developing themselves, which nearly resembles the actions of a human. Though we have not developed a perfect human being till now, we have come far enough to understand how the brain functions, a remarkable achievement, isn't it.

The interplay of technology and human lives is increasing. Let's go deeper, we all are result of DNA, which is a sequence of proteins vital for the existence of humans, and is different for every human being living on this planet. This DNA can be represented in the form of a data structure, a string array. What if there exists an algorithm, which takes this DNA input as sequence and performs the actions of a human. Well, that algorithm would be the best AI algorithm ever encountered, but we don't have it.

Let's imagine, an extraterrestial being, who developed it and programmed us. They use communication mechanisms which are technologically ahead of what we use and hence we are not able to track it. They are monitoring us from a far distance. In fact they are the ones who created the artificially intelligent algorithm which takes input as a DNA sequence and functions like a human. The algorithm is superficial and has intelligence beyond our scope, as it runs, learns and develops on its own and the extraterrestial being monitor us on this. They algorithm permutes itself and creates a new DNA sequence each time a new human is born. Surprisingly, we are also moving towards the same goal, developing a human force with the help of AI. Coincidence isn't it.

So who are they, are they the ones we call god, because we represent them in several forms. Yes, why it can't be. May be the case that gods used to be or are great programmers and used to maintain servers and had superficial powers all coded by themselves. They once used to live on earth and then made their way to another planet to make way for us. Are you trying to say that they still exist? Yes, indeed I am. But how can someone live this long? Well, why not? Aren't we humans trying to be immortal? Yes, they achieved being immortal.

This is just a base formulation of a theory, digging deeper one can find more evidences which support this. So do you have a theory of your own, or is it similar to mine. I would love to hear it. But before ending this, a million dollar question: Who created god?