Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Space Mission

It's not long when we will see humans going to space for excursions and holidays. How can I even say that? Most of us plan to spend a vacation somewhere away from the monotony of life, so that we don't get to see the same people we see every day and breathe some new air. Man, space is so boring you travel up above the earth cross the atmosphere and breathe the oxygen cylinder, to see what is the earth from above like, I have already seen it in the movie Gravity, what else you are going to show? For some people it would be, going to space is so adventures. You get to experience the weightlessness, you get to see the moon more closer. You get to see the earth in live activity. I will see everything from above, the things I have experienced in my life. I want to feel like a boss over the world. Well, I don't know what kind of person you are, well I am the second one and so this article exists.

Elon Musk
So how is it like going to space. Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are already into this business. Jeff Bezos even offered Donald Trump to send him into the space. You don't know who is Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon services the company started in 1994 and is the largest marketplace in the world now. Elon Musk? Sounds familiar to me. Yes he is the Tony Stark of the earth. He is the owner of Tesla motors and also PayPal the top notch payment gateway. Elon Musk also heads an organization called SpaceX, the first private space organization of its kind launched in late 2002. So what are these guys doing, building a space vehicle to go into the space? But a space vehicle can be used only once right, to make it up for the next launch it costs  a lot of money, what's cool about this? I am going to give you some information of what is happening in this race of sending humans to space. Elon Musk over the course of last 10 years has launched around 9 space missions, each mission with a rocket named as Falcon, currently the Falcon IX. The space missions have been successful and gathered huge applause and recognition from the prestigious space institution, the NASA. Elon Musk is versatile, he owns a electric car company which is making breakthroughs with the cutting edge technology they have designed. He also owns a payment gateway PayPal, also the first of its kind. Yes, PayPal, didn't you see it as an option while making payments, yes that one. Now what happens if Larry Page the game changer entrepreneur with google out there, and the Tony Stark of the tech industry combine and work on some X missions. Yes one of the X mission is to rejuvenate human life. And guess what, Elon Musk hates Artificial Intelligence, he thinks it's very dangerous to the future of mankind. The kind of things these persons do, gives me goose bumps, if it does the same to you, you want to go to space.
Space X Satellite
A Blue Origin rocket, landed in the vicinity of it's launch

Okay Elon Musk is the Tony Stark in real life, who is Jeff Bezos,  also holding a Master of Physics like Elon Musk, recognized the potential of the online market and made entry into the world of the web, with a shopping website, the Amazon.  We also know Amazon Web Services the most reliable Web Services online satisfying millions of customers. Jeff looks forward to further automate the amazon delivery system with the help of drones, for superfast delivery, within minutes. What is so remarkable about Jeff? Jeff also started space organization the Blue Origin. Blue Origin has recently achieved a feat. They landed the rocket launched into space back onto earth. Yes it landed back on earth. The video of the same featuring it is breathtaking. Elon Musk didn’t achieved the feat yet and is really pissed off with the Blue Origin. It was Blue Origin's first rocket into the space. Jeff Bezos is really excited about the next launch, coming very close to send humans to space the cost effective way and the faster way.

Jeff Bezos

You got the key words, keep exploring. So, see you in space.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Are we coded?

Who am I? Why do I even exist? Why am I here? How did I came here? Who created this world? Why only earth? Why this universe even exists? Were the conditions on earth favourable so that life can exist or someone created those favourble conditions so that the life can exist. This is what goes in my mind sometimes and I think in yours too. Do we have an answer to all these questions or it is again agnostic like the existence of god. People have their own views regarding this.

An image developed by a google server 

Recently, the search giant Google's server was found to produce random images out of nowhere and the researchers said that the server was dreaming. Artificial intelliegence(AI) has been prevalent for over the past 15 years on this globe and we experience it in our daily lives. Each and every search we make, the products we use, the services we enjoy are in one or the other way acheived with AI. There are robots following human instructions, learning from the mistakes they do and developing themselves, which nearly resembles the actions of a human. Though we have not developed a perfect human being till now, we have come far enough to understand how the brain functions, a remarkable achievement, isn't it.

The interplay of technology and human lives is increasing. Let's go deeper, we all are result of DNA, which is a sequence of proteins vital for the existence of humans, and is different for every human being living on this planet. This DNA can be represented in the form of a data structure, a string array. What if there exists an algorithm, which takes this DNA input as sequence and performs the actions of a human. Well, that algorithm would be the best AI algorithm ever encountered, but we don't have it.

Let's imagine, an extraterrestial being, who developed it and programmed us. They use communication mechanisms which are technologically ahead of what we use and hence we are not able to track it. They are monitoring us from a far distance. In fact they are the ones who created the artificially intelligent algorithm which takes input as a DNA sequence and functions like a human. The algorithm is superficial and has intelligence beyond our scope, as it runs, learns and develops on its own and the extraterrestial being monitor us on this. They algorithm permutes itself and creates a new DNA sequence each time a new human is born. Surprisingly, we are also moving towards the same goal, developing a human force with the help of AI. Coincidence isn't it.

So who are they, are they the ones we call god, because we represent them in several forms. Yes, why it can't be. May be the case that gods used to be or are great programmers and used to maintain servers and had superficial powers all coded by themselves. They once used to live on earth and then made their way to another planet to make way for us. Are you trying to say that they still exist? Yes, indeed I am. But how can someone live this long? Well, why not? Aren't we humans trying to be immortal? Yes, they achieved being immortal.

This is just a base formulation of a theory, digging deeper one can find more evidences which support this. So do you have a theory of your own, or is it similar to mine. I would love to hear it. But before ending this, a million dollar question: Who created god?

Monday, September 28, 2015

You have to be strong

Life is a bumpy road. There are times when life takes a dramatic turn and with it everything changes. Where you have been happy with the things happening around you, you thought everything would be good and just then a disaster comes into your life and turns your life upside down. It's not common to you, it happens with every other person around the world just the frequency matters.

It may be something you were trying hard for and failed in it, just things you didn't want to happen went wrong in the last minute. It may be that someone very close to you hurt you bad. Sometimes we just think that life is so tough when we see the difficulties and burden we face. Some of us just get bogged down with this and get depressed. They think a lot, land nowhere and waste a whole lot of time. For others that thing just keep on coming everyday for a short period of time and disturbs them.There are very few of us who just don't give a damn about anything and just enjoy their life. Not everyone can be like them.

Academics, family, relationships, hardships, career constantly disturb our life in one or the other. But a person who comes out strong handling all these is the one who succeds and completes their dream. Sometimes, in life you just have to move on. Only you know the extent to which you are hurt. Only you know how hard it hit you when you fell down or someone let you down. Only you know what are your dreams and how you want to be. Introspection! most of just miss out here. We always blame others, blame the surroundings and all the other things for your condition. But after all its we.

Every little thing that we do everyday in our life effects us. Someone hurt you, understand the situation they are going through or the mistake you have done, don't hurt them back. Calm down, take your own time, give them some time and talk to them about this. You hurt someone, okay it's your time to apologize. Think about, how bad it had been on their side. Realize what you have done, if you feel it's their mistake, go take courage and talk to them.

Life is against you, get up, gather all the courage you can, one who survives the storm is the fittest. You are the best, you know what you can do to make your life and still if you are not doing it, no one in this world can help you. You are the only one who can inspire yourself, motivate yourself and make yourself feel up. It's your thoughts, your actions that determine you.

So think about it. You can change your academics by just self motivation, realising your goals, keeping up to targets. It's tough, but the one who does it is the one who makes it to the top. You can have a better relationship, give them their space, understand them, set it free and most important feel it. No one is perfect in this world, everyone does mistakes. One should realise this and learn from the same. You can make your family happy, just say that you love them and you will do whatever you can to make the most of your life. No parent want to see their children unhappy. If you are not able to do well in your life, you are not on  the right track. Introspect! You need to change your persepective and catch another train.

Life is tough, you should let some things go, you should be strong enough to face defeats, be prepared to face a disaster, make people happy, make them feel your presence. Do small things everyday that improve your life. Read an article like this. Give someone their lost smile. Read a book. Go to your favorite place. Talk to someone, you haven't for long. Reallise the situtaion the other person is in and console them. Most important, utilise the most of your time and remember three L's Live, Learn, Love.