Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Space Mission

It's not long when we will see humans going to space for excursions and holidays. How can I even say that? Most of us plan to spend a vacation somewhere away from the monotony of life, so that we don't get to see the same people we see every day and breathe some new air. Man, space is so boring you travel up above the earth cross the atmosphere and breathe the oxygen cylinder, to see what is the earth from above like, I have already seen it in the movie Gravity, what else you are going to show? For some people it would be, going to space is so adventures. You get to experience the weightlessness, you get to see the moon more closer. You get to see the earth in live activity. I will see everything from above, the things I have experienced in my life. I want to feel like a boss over the world. Well, I don't know what kind of person you are, well I am the second one and so this article exists.

Elon Musk
So how is it like going to space. Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are already into this business. Jeff Bezos even offered Donald Trump to send him into the space. You don't know who is Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon services the company started in 1994 and is the largest marketplace in the world now. Elon Musk? Sounds familiar to me. Yes he is the Tony Stark of the earth. He is the owner of Tesla motors and also PayPal the top notch payment gateway. Elon Musk also heads an organization called SpaceX, the first private space organization of its kind launched in late 2002. So what are these guys doing, building a space vehicle to go into the space? But a space vehicle can be used only once right, to make it up for the next launch it costs  a lot of money, what's cool about this? I am going to give you some information of what is happening in this race of sending humans to space. Elon Musk over the course of last 10 years has launched around 9 space missions, each mission with a rocket named as Falcon, currently the Falcon IX. The space missions have been successful and gathered huge applause and recognition from the prestigious space institution, the NASA. Elon Musk is versatile, he owns a electric car company which is making breakthroughs with the cutting edge technology they have designed. He also owns a payment gateway PayPal, also the first of its kind. Yes, PayPal, didn't you see it as an option while making payments, yes that one. Now what happens if Larry Page the game changer entrepreneur with google out there, and the Tony Stark of the tech industry combine and work on some X missions. Yes one of the X mission is to rejuvenate human life. And guess what, Elon Musk hates Artificial Intelligence, he thinks it's very dangerous to the future of mankind. The kind of things these persons do, gives me goose bumps, if it does the same to you, you want to go to space.
Space X Satellite
A Blue Origin rocket, landed in the vicinity of it's launch

Okay Elon Musk is the Tony Stark in real life, who is Jeff Bezos,  also holding a Master of Physics like Elon Musk, recognized the potential of the online market and made entry into the world of the web, with a shopping website, the Amazon.  We also know Amazon Web Services the most reliable Web Services online satisfying millions of customers. Jeff looks forward to further automate the amazon delivery system with the help of drones, for superfast delivery, within minutes. What is so remarkable about Jeff? Jeff also started space organization the Blue Origin. Blue Origin has recently achieved a feat. They landed the rocket launched into space back onto earth. Yes it landed back on earth. The video of the same featuring it is breathtaking. Elon Musk didn’t achieved the feat yet and is really pissed off with the Blue Origin. It was Blue Origin's first rocket into the space. Jeff Bezos is really excited about the next launch, coming very close to send humans to space the cost effective way and the faster way.

Jeff Bezos

You got the key words, keep exploring. So, see you in space.